227 Data Scientists Meet-up 12 october

On Thursday October 12th, 227 Data Scientists organized their 4th meet-up, for and by data professionals. Some thirty people met each other in Amsterdam for two presentation on data science in the field of publishing/journalism.

First up was Margot Rozendaal, Manager Customer Insights at De Persgroep. Many were surprised to see the range of products and services that De Persgroep provides. As expected, this provides for a lot of data, and this asked for a data strategy throughout the company. Margot elaborated on strategy, successes and pitfalls with data in several departments such as Marketing, Digital Advertising and the Newsroom. Of course, the discussion on the new GDPR law was raised as well, and we saw many heads nod as Margot described the challenges that data science within a large corporation brings.

Margot Rozendaal: “Great atmosphere with lots of questions! The discussion that sparked during my presentation continued during the drinks, clearly showing a division between people who need to justify and explain the use of data science and those in a more independent role at an already data driven organization. Daan and I formed a nice complementary duo in that sense.”



Next up was Daan Odijk, Lead Data Scientist at Blendle. Daan explained the cold-start problem that Blendle has every day: how do you personalize your newsletter in the morning, when no one has read your articles yet? He elaborated on the recommendation system Blendle uses and the online learning their models do with the user still in the loop, and answered many questions such as “How do you handle world-breaking news” (they don’t), and “how do you handle the filter bubble” (they diversify based on certain algorithms and editorial picks). Want to (re-)read Daan’s presentation? Check out his slides here https://www.slideshare.net/dodijk/blendle-recsys17-online-learning-to-rank-for-recommender-systems.


Daan Odijk: “Clearly an audience of interested colleagues of the field. Great, open atmosphere, many sharp questions and a strong discussion.”


After two hours of presentations and discussion, the conversation was continued during drinks, where various data scientist, engineers and consultants met each other to further discuss the possibilities and pitfalls of data use within Dutch companies.



“Two hugely interesting and contrasting cases from the publishing field. Nice to see that data is used in so many ways within the field of journalism” Arend Zwaneveld - visitor

Want to join our event next time? Send an email to info@227datascientists.nl and you will be the first to know when we organize our next meeting.



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