227 Data Scientists Event May 22, 2019

Wednesday the 22th of May we have organized the 6th edition of the 227 Data Science Event. Everyone was welcomed while enjoying a drink at Bar Beton. There were 2 speakers who gave very interesting presentations. First up was Willem van Doesburg a senior data scientist at Alliander. Alliander is an energy network company whom is responsible for the distribution for example of electricity, (bio) gas and heat. Willem helps in the field of Artificial intelligence, where they use a deep reinforcement learning algorithm. This algorithm builds an investment expertise in a neural network by observing and experimenting. Willem showed us what kind of problems Alliander faces and how they are trying to solve these problems.


From giant simulations to black holes
Next up was Gijs Molenaar, who now works at Alliander as a freelance Python developer. He spoke passionately about his interesting career and how his enthusiasm for Data Science and radio astronomy originated. It all started by hacking an internet company, which then decided to hire him. This was the beginning of his software engineering career, which would lead him to the field of radio astronomy, South Africa and even alien spotting. Due to his enthusiasm he continued studying and is now completing his PhD. He showed us pictures of the black hole and more, and sent everybody to the bar with a smile on their face. From

Time for drinks

These two interesting and different presentations made for interesting discussions during the drinks afterwards, up until we got kicked out by Bar Beton :) We have met a lot of great new people, which we hope to work with in the near future and see again next event. We want to thank you all again for attending and participating in another successful 227 Data Scientists event.


Next event: this fall
Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page, where we will announce our next event. We hope to see you again. If you have any ideas, tips or know a nice speaker for our event? Do not hesitate to email to: info@227datascientists.nl
Until next time!

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