What we do

What we do

227 Data is the go-to search and mediation agency, focussed entirely on recruiting for salaried and freelance data analytics positions.

Our agency has been one of the leading players in the data analytics field since 2015. We consider ourselves to be the foremost career partner for ambitious data analytics managers and professionals. A consulting partner for organizations that wish to properly set up and hire staff within  the field of data analytics. Our focus lies on finding the right fit for both the organization, and the professional. Passion, attention to detail and expertise are keywords we use to describe our approach.



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  • Christian te Riet, Data Scientist
    Many different types of clients and assignments makes working as a Data Scientist both challenging and fun! I have been working at 227 Data since 2019. As a Data Engineer and Data Scientist, I have fulfilled assignments for LCPS, ABNAMRO, Home Office, Friesland Campina, among others.

    Christian te Riet, Data Scientist

  • Frank Eertink, Recruitment assistant/researcher
    The opportunity for self-development through projects, within your own field of interest, makes 227data an enjoyable employer

    Frank Eertink, Recruitment assistant/researcher

  • Esther Pasman Recruiter consultant
    In my work I find it important to pay attention to the person behind the resume. I think in terms of possibilities, not targets. I drink my coffee black, but alternate with a good latte macchiato. An lover of Italy, culture sniffer and I like to play a game of tennis.

    Esther Pasman Recruiter consultant

  • Geert Meijer, Partner
    Since 2015, we have been mediating only the best analytics professionals. With enormous pleasure, it is a wonderful and ever-growing field. With lots of very nice, smart and creative people.

    Geert Meijer, Partner

  • Matthijs Weier, Researcher
    "Every day I enjoy going to the office of 227 Data where I am guaranteed to gain knowledge and have a nice workculture 227 Data provides me with a valuable working environment where I can continue to develop professionally."

    Matthijs Weier, Researcher

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