Our company is specialized in matching the best freelance professionals, with exciting assignments in the data analytics domain.

Even in times of job scarcity, we have found data professionals for corporate and governmental assignments who meet stringent requirements. We make this achievable due to our years of building an extensive network in The Netherlands. With almost 1000 freelance data experts in our database, we have the market covered.

If you’re a candidate looking for that one great assignment, we’re here for you. Our network includes; line managers at renowned companies, government agencies, large corporates, SME’s and scale ups. Throughout the entire process, which includes the assignment, you will have our support and assistance, 

We are regularly looking for freelancers to fill positions as; Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, DevOps Engineers,  Data Product Owners, BI consultants and Managers for data teams, amongst others.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, feel free to contact us!