Reversed recruitment

If you are looking for more then just the next job, and would like a deeper look into what makes you tick as a professional, then our reversed recruitment trajectory may suit you.

When you apply for the reversed recruitment, we will help you figure out what professional next step is best for you. We do this by; exploring with you what you find important in your work, what makes you happy, and what gives you energy. Through that, we look at the best organizations and types of positions for you to focus on.

From this point onwards, we can introduce you to our extensive network. We endeavour to help you find that perfect job, which suits both your needs and your preferences. There are some extra benefits of taking on this trajectory with us:
- An assessment, a report and an accompanying advisory interview, which will give you insight into     
   your talents and motivations.
- Gain access to our network, which has been built up over a period of 20 years.
- Gain insight into working for different clients (this includes the technologies they work with, the
   data maturity and the structure of their teams).
- Help and advice on how to tailor your CV to the vacancy/company you’re introduced to.
- Support and advice with salary negotiations

If this sounds like the perfect step for you, then please feel free to contact us so we can tell you more.