About 227 Data

Our approach

The demand for experienced data professionals is undiminished, with many more available vacancies then suitable candidates. Since 2015 our company has built up the specific and high-quality network needed to fill many of these vacancies. We know who is looking for what, and we keep tabs on who is available when. In addition to that, we know the field of data analytics and what skills are required for the vacancies. Because of this knowledge, we approach the right people at the right time.

In particular we mediate:
- Data Engineers
- Data Scientists
- Machine Learning Engineers
- Data Modellers
- Data Architects
- Data Analysts
- Leads and Managers of Data analytics teams
- CDOs and Directors of Analytics
For both salaried jobs and freelance assignments

In the often complex and rapidly changing world of data science, we help both professionals and companies.- Geert Meijer, partner 227 Data