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It would have been impossible to imagine at the time, how the invention of the printing press would lay the foundation for the distribution of information worldwide. Looking at how we organize information flows today, a lot has changed in our world.

Having entered the digital age, there is hardly any company or organization that can do without data analysis and data-driven decision making. In this age the job market has also changed drastically. The demand for data professionals is growing and we only expect it to increase.  

227 Data realized, in 2015, that there was a need to create a company that specialized in the recruitment and mediation of data professionals. At that time we were one of the few in this field of work. Our early entry into this market has helped us build a strong and capable network. This network helps us focus on recruiting for salaried positions and freelance assignments within the data analytics domain. Since 2015 we’ve placed candidates at medior, senior and executive levels in multiple companies, even in times of severe shortage

Salaried jobs 
The strained labour market and high demand for data specialists has made finding new employees a time consuming specialism. 227 Data is more then happy to lead the search for you. The key to our success includes; a large candidate network, critical market knowledge and a personal approach. Open communication and listening to the needs of both the candidates, and the clients, makes sure that we lead every search to a satisfying conclusion.

 Salaried vacancies

Freelance assignments
Through our network we estimate, to know at least 80% of independent data analytics professionals in the Netherlands. There are numerous reasons to hire an independent professional which may include; you are looking for very specific knowledge or qualities,  you need a replacement in the case of illness or long-term leave or  you have a temporary project. Whatever the reason we are happy to find a solution with you.
Contact us if you wish to discuss what we can do for you.

 Freelance assignments

Reversed recruitment: making the top 10% of data professionals visible
Every day our team comes into contact with a large amount of candidates in the data analytics domain. These candidates include both people actively searching for work, and passive candidates. Most of the people we talk to are very critical of the vacancies that are available. For top candidates, we proactively look for that one job or employer that suits them perfectly.

The start of this search is firstly an extensive talk, which is then followed by a personality test. This is carried out on an exclusive basis and is independent of any vacancies. This means 227 Data is the only party to mediate and introduce these candidates. By registering for our Reversed Recruitment service, via the form at the right-hand side of this page, you will gain access to this category of candidates.

Alternatively you can contact Geert Meijer for more information: or 06-53832368.